about us

Here at CJ’s, we are a family-run cafe offering something a little bit different.

After a trip to a local soft play venue with grandparents, and after poor quality food and drink, uncomfortable chairs, and not being able to have a conversation through the noise, CJ’s became an idea which we are pleased to announce, we have made into a reality.

We not only wanted to create something for the children, but a place where the grown-ups can relax too with, or without, children. We want to encourage our customers to chat, meet new people, and be able to read a paper in comfort knowing your children are safe and having fun.

We love getting to know the people we serve, hearing their news, and chatting about our menu and ideas. Keep checking in for updates and special offers.


We don’t charge an admission fee at CJ’s. There is a small charge of £3 for use of the soft play.  

Please note CJ’s cafe play area is unsupervised by CJ’s and adult supervision is required at all times. CJ’s takes no responsibility or liability for any accidents or injury caused in the soft play by any child, adult, or equipment. The age ranges of toys may vary and may not be suitable for all without supervision. Paying for your entry confirms you accept the above and have read the safety rules of play ( displayed at the entry point of play ) before entering. 

opening hours

Our hours are 9.10am – 14.00pm Monday – Friday. We offer one later opening once a week till 5pm, please check social media for updates. Weekend openings vary due to private functions. Please check our Event page or our Facebook page for this weekend’s opening times. This is at the bottom of the page,  or feel free to message us.

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