Please be aware the booking system has now slightly changed, please do not adjust the quantity on this page, it will ask you at a later stage about additional children. You do not need to add additional children if you are coming alone with one child.

General play session age 5 & Under 

When booking a general play session, we have added the option of adding additional children to your booking, as you can now mix with one other household, we need to know the numbers of children per table. We ask if you are booking with a friend to sit at the same table, please book together at this stage and add the number of children between the two households to the one booking. This will help to reach the capacity we are allowed under the new guidelines. The price to play is £2.50 for a 90 minutes play session.

Baby & under 18 months  area

This area allows a maximum of 10 adults to sit and 10 children aged 18 months and under and aimed at pre-walkers and toddling children only. The area is snug to allow new mums to relax and meet others, there is a large corner sofa and two tables of two. We ask for your judgement in this area, if you feel your child is a confident mover and walker please purchase a ticket for the main play area. Whilst we now charge for the 90 minutes sessions in the baby area, if you choose to spend over £5 in the cafe,  we do remove  this from your bill ( this applies to the baby area only )

Our booking system is very easy to use, but if you do have any problems with booking an event, please let us know. 

Please note that full payment is required on booking. tickets are non-refundable however, if you need to cancel, please let us know and we will try and accommodate you for a different session. Please note that the general admission fees below are for children. Accompanying adults do not need to pay.

For some reason, no matter how much we have tried to fix it, the page seems to freeze on some mobiles at the quantity page. If you refresh the page, it will then allow you to freely scroll up and down to see the available time slots.  unfortunately, it is best accessed on a desktop.

If you come across any problem on the website for soft play spaces, please just book the slot you wish to get the table at the session you want. We can always adjust at a later time, then just pop us a message to adjust it.